Dr. Jensen,

Thank you for fixing the pain in the lower left quadrant. I have had it everyday since the birth of my 2nd daughter and when I woke up it was gone. My stomach and pelvis feel right again and that is saying a lot after only 4 days of surgery. The pain at the pubic symphysis is completely gone and my low back feels stable. LOL, this is coming from a chiropractor too! My breast are the perfect size also. Thank you for giving me the freedom to move again. I use to think I just had to live with it and wasn’t sure what my options were but you’ve made it easy and what a quick recovery so far! I will continue to follow your care instructions in order to achieve the maximum benefit but if it gets better than this…that’s just icing on the cake!

Dear Dr. Jensen and staff,

I cannot fully express my gratitude towards your staff and you. From the moment I called to inquire about getting a mastopexy/augment to my consultation, all the way through surgery and recovery I have been blown away by the level of service I was provided! There were a few minor hiccups, which I will say were mainly due to a few special requests on my part but even they were addressed promptly and exceeded my expectations. When I began exploring this procedure I also consulted with Dr. Parrish. Don’t get me wrong, he is a phenomenal surgeon with many years of experience but once I had my consultation with Dr. Jensen I knew he was the man for the job. The consultation was probably 90% spent with him (not his staff) and he made me feel very comfortable. When it came time for my pre-op appointment Jodi the RN explained everything in detail and I could see that she truly cared about me as a patient. Then came surgery day, I was treated with such importance all the way from beginning to the end. Now for the results themselves, I could have never dreamed that after breastfeeding two precious baby boys that my breasts could ever look the same again. Even if they hadn’t it was more than worth it if you ask me! But you gave me back a sense of confidence that I always felt with my clothes on but looked in the mirror in disgust each day after I would get out of the shower naked (we are our own worst critic sometimes!). I am blown away by the results…I LOVE my new breasts and I have you to thank for giving me back what I thought was impossible!! I could go on and on about how grateful I am but to some up my feelings, Dr. Jensen you are a miracle worker in my book! Bravo! The best way I know to thank you, beyond these goodies (hope you enjoy them!) is that I will continue to share my outstanding experience with everyone I know. Hands down, Dr. Jensen and his staff are beyond amazing at what they do. Until next time, may God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas. XO

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Jensen, Yvonne, Amy, Jodi, Char, Lyndsay & Kristen!

April 15, 2010 – The Morning After

To the crew of the offices of Robert Jensen, MD.

I am so grateful for my experience with you all yesterday that I want to take the time to express my gratitude, in order of appearance:

Amy it is always a pleasure to walk up to the front desk and see your charming smile and feel the warmth as you greet me. Dr. J is lucky to have you!

Char, I so appreciated the way you took time to chat with me as you explained to me where to put my stuff, took my weight and told me who would be next in the line up. It helped calm my nerves. Dr. J is lucky to have you!

Mother Teresa you were great. So patient and gentle as you did the IV, and you had some great words of wisdom to share about previous patients, you were very appreciated. Dr. J is lucky to have you!

Dr. J I really felt your concern for me as an individual and I know that must be hard due to the many people who are your patients. You did a great job!

Courtney: Thanks so much for knowing how nervous I was getting and for reassuring me that all will be well. I loved the way you went over each each step one by one, that meant a great deal to me, as I always want to know what is next. Dr. J is lucky to have you!

I saw you Debbie during pre-op and you were so kinda to tell me about your experience and also to give me face samples and share your time, thanks. Dr. J is lucky to have you!

P.S. Though I don’t know their names, please thank the OR Staff, they were wonderful as well, and Dr. J is lucky to have them!

Warm regards to you all

June 1, 2000

Dear Dr. Jensen and Staff,

Thank you for giving me back the part of my life that the cancer had taken away. After my double mastectomy I used to look in the mirror at the horrible scars and feel like a victim. Now I look in the mirror at my new scars and my new breasts and I feel like a victor.

Sure, I could have lived out the rest of my life without breasts, and I know I would still have been happy and productive and loved by my husband and family. But a part of me and a part of my life would have been missing and I would always have been reminded of my loss everytime I looked in the mirror. Now, I don’t have to live my life that way. Reconstruction surgery has given me back my breasts that the cancer took away and has also given me back my self-confidence. In fact, my confidence is actually higher for having had the courage to do something for ME and not passively accept what had happened to me. Even my husband is amazed with the results. It feels good to take back control of my life. It feels good to be an overcomer, victor and not a victim.

Thank you so much for being there with the skills and compassion necessary to help women like me make HAPPY choices for our lives. I couldn’t have done it without you (obviously) and I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for what you have given me. It is a gift too wonderful for words.

Thank you all again for everything, and God bless you.

Dr. Jensen & Staff,

Here’s to you guys!!

I was retreating away from my rescue, the news, media and life because of how I looked last year. You guys were all so kind and you doc, made me human again. Now I face life with joy, no more hiding and I have never been happier. Thank you all so much.

Doc J. you ever get a patient who is hesitating about changing her life, please feel free to share my phone number, I will gladly talk to any woman about my life and it’s huge change. All of my rescue women say thank you too. I was ready to quit and hide.

Bless you doc and your wonderful staff!

Dr. Jensen,

This letter is regarding my son Peter nose was bitten off by our dog approximately 2 years ago.

Over Christmas we took Peter to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University. He was examined by both Dr. Stephen Schendel, the Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Dr. Andrew Turk, another staff surgeon, as well as a few residents.

They have seen a few cases like this and were very impressed with your results. Dr. Turk wanted to know your name, and specifically wanted me to pass along his complements.

They recommended a few treatments with a pulse-dye laser. This would shrink the blood vessels in his scars, and reduce the amount of swelling and redness when his body temperature elevates. They perform this type of surgery quite frequently on children his age.

Just thought you might be interested in their complements.

Thanks again.

Dr. Jensen,

Thank you so much for your kindness and all you’ve done for me – your surgical skills are amazing and I have loved the results! With you and your wonderful caring staff, your office is complete.

Best wishes for the New Year! 2011

Dear Dr. Jensen!

Seven years ago, in December of 2002, I came to your office for a breast replacement. At that time I was not very happy for various reasons and not very thankful for what you did for me. Seven years later and after living a completely normal life – even in Bikinis – I want so do what I should have done seven years ago – say thank you for giving me this life and making my marriage a very happy one.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!

Dr. Jensen,

Thank you so much for your excellent work! I am so happy with the beautiful job you’ve done for me.

You did such an amazing job, and I trust you and your staff 100 percent for future procedures. I will definitely be recommending you for your expert work!

I cannot thank you enough!

P.S. I am still very interested in liposuction for the abdominal and thigh area!

Thanks again.

Dear Dr. Jensen,

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness in removing my skin cancers. You have been a blessing to me as well as many people.

Please have a great holiday season. I pray you will have good health and happiness.


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